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Enterprise Use Cases and Solutions

Mobile Network Operators (MNO/MVNO)


Mobile carriers across the world today are exploring ways to activate new revenue streams by leveraging their last mile connection to millions of subscribers mobile devices. The data that is at the disposal of mobile networks give them all the power to put together innovative advertising solutions to drive ad revenues.

Audiencelogy has deployed an innovative solution for a large MNO in Africa. This solution displays an Ad on a subscriber phone during an incoming call. Ad is selected based on numerous targeting parameters like location and demographics. All advertising activity on a subscribers phone is recorded and credit is issued to subscribers for Ads viewed on their phone. Platform integrates with Huawei billing system for issuing credit to subscribers on their invoice.



With print media revenues going down around the world and consumers unwilling to pay for print and digital subscriptions, newspapers are looking for ways to activate new revenue streams.

Publishing houses that operate multiple digital properties, be it websites or apps, have numerous monetizing opportunities which include building first party audience database, running header bidding solutions to get right value for their traffic, operating a closed network of advertisers and agencies offering premium dollars for their traffic, option to put out remnant inventory for monetization by exchanges and executing PMP campaigns with large and trusted agencies.

Audiencelogy put together an innovative solution for, a large regional newspaper in Western India. A walled garden solution enabled eSakal generate additional tenancy based revenue from merchants and advertisers.

Enterprise Content Distribution


Audiencelogy’s solution is ideally designed to drive content in any flexible format using numerous targeting rules. For example, content can be customized based on visitor’s locale or demographics. And the ability to exactly measure views and clicks give powerful metrics to marketing teams to fine tune their messaging. The message formats may be rich html pages or even ads.

Abbott Labs marketing group chose our ad serving platform to drive content to its website. Our platform supplemented the CMS that drove by rendering content in Native format, a format which is today prevalent in the advertising industry.

OOH Marketing & Advertising


OOH advertising is a powerful way of reaching people in retail locations. It is more affordable than ever to install tablets in retail locations and enable businesses showcase their business information and intersperse that content with local, regional and national ads.

Audiencelogy is currently in the process of deploying tablets in retail locations and it’s software will be used by merchants and businesses to manage content. Audiencelogy’s marketplace will form agency relationships to display branding ads on their tablets in retail locations.

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