Ad Network

The traditional ad network is still around to create an ecosystem of publishers and advertisers. Use our ad network software to onboard direct publishers (tag, s2s, sdk), agencies and advertisers. Self care interfaces available and can be customized using our APIs.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Our DSP side platform enables clients to buy traffic from supply side providers using Open RTB protocol. The DSP stack offers numerous targeting capabilities and smart margin management. Self-care agency and advertiser interfaces available and can be customized using our APIs.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Our SSP platform enables you to route direct publisher traffic to partner DSPs. Ability to create channels of traffic for DSPs based on numerous targeting criteria and smart bid management. Insight into bid transfer errors and win rates available.

SSPxDSP Media Router

Our Our SSPxDSP router can enable you to sell SSP traffic to other DSPs. This media router operates at extreme low latency to settle bids coming from DSPs.


Account Management

Manage publishers, advertisers, agencies, supply partnes and demand partners. Also manage relationship with third party platforms like SSP aggregators, DMP platforms, Fraud control and Ad Quality platforms.

Inventory & Audiences

Analyze inventory in multiple dimensions in near real time for traffic from direct publishers and SSP partners. Build and sync audience profiles for retargeting.

Ad Operations

Manage private, remnant and default campaigns. Set numerous targeting criteria for campaigns. Configure DSP end points. Extract reports in multiple dimensions. Manage publisher and advertiser accounting.


Configure and operate the platform by choosing various optimization options.


Ad Network/SSP (SAAS)

As an Ad Network and an SSP, pay $1,500 monthly minimum for 100M impressions, 5TB bandwith limit. Connect as many DSPs as you want.
Call us for custom quote if our plans do not fit your needs.


Pay $1200 monthly minimum + 6% of media spend to process upto 10,000 QPS traffic. Monthly minimum increases for higher QPS needs.
Call us for custom quote if our plans do not fit your needs.


Want more control over your infrastructure and data? License our technology and host it on a provider of your choice. Call us for quote.

Source Code

Interested in buying source code to jump start your next big idea? We offer source code under specific terms and conditions. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Contact us today to learn about our enterprise offerings. Our technology is used by large enterprises like Abbott Labs, Mobilis (MNO) and Newspapers.

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