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About Audiencelogy

Audiencelogy is an AdTech company that provides high-end technology platform for digital media and advertising space. We are a strong, socially responsible organization that acts as an enabler for building and managing software products, platforms and algorithms that are at the cutting edge of technology.

By providing these services, Audiencelogy is committed to protecting all customer information that is accessed via our platform or on our website ( )


What does this Privacy Policy cover?

 The goal of this privacy policy is to describe how we collect and use information that is provided to us via our website or when you register for our services. Below we describe the conditions of the use, and security measures applicable to the data gathered through our service. The use of data, its storage and processing.


Data collection

 Audiencelogy may gather data through its services and the advertising platforms it manages, including information of their own websites and third-party users/partners.

When carrying out its activity, Audiencelogy does not collect any personal data such as user names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, ID card numbers or credit card numbers unless you are partnered with us.


What type of data does Audiencelogy collect?

Audiencelogy only collects anonymous data which doesn’t allow us to personally identify users. Data that is collected are on behalf of our clients and is not possessed by us. The data collected includes the following:

  • Type of browser used (e.g., Firefox or Internet Explorer);
  • Operating system of the device used to access the advertising content (e.g., iOS or Windows);
  • Internet service provider;
  • Browser language (e.g., English or Spanish);
  • Internet Protocol (IP) provider.
  • Users’ IP addresses
  • Mobile advertising identifier for mobile devices assigned by the different operating systems (Apple and/or Android)
  • Data on user interactions with the ad campaigns managed through Ad Infinitum Services and/or technology, allowing us to track conversion rates for those campaigns.


How is the Data gathered?


To collect data, Audiencelogy uses technology such as cookies, pixels, third party and data providing agencies.

  • Cookies are small piece of data that is sent by the website and stored in your computer drive which is used to remember your browser. You may refuse to accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse the setting of cookies. However, if you select this setting you may be unable to access certain parts of our site. Unless you have adjusted your browser setting so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when you log on to our site.
  • Pixels are small tag that are placed in your computer when you visit a website or open an email. Pixels are used to track users who use our website frequently.
  • Data is also bought/used from data providing agencies if and when required for the benefit of our partners.
  • Third parties – Some data maybe collected via third party providers such as webpages/mobile apps/sellable advertising platforms/publishers.


How is the data used?


The data that is collected via above mentioned platforms is used for the analysis of ongoing campaigns and to improve and analyze the functioning of the platforms in real-time.

The data is also used in providing more relevant information to measure and personalize advertising for each browsing session.

Audiencelogy doesn’t collect sensitive data such as information related to politics, race, ethnicity, labor, wage, health or medical information. Similarly, Ad Infinitum doesn’t gather data from users that are below the age of 13 or that of any group that IAB considers to be sensitive. Audiencelogy also complies with COPPA act as it is considered in the USA.


How to control your information?

If the user sees the need to control their information stored as unnecessary or disapproved, he/she may simply email to us from our contact information mentioning “Do not capture data” After which the user’s data will be removed from the system.

Please note – The company might ask for additional information to locate your identity in order to fulfill your requirement.


Users Rights

The users of our platform are allowed the right to access or to evaluate their data at any point in time. The company is obliged to fulfill your clarifications regarding data storage, correction of previously stored data or request for the removal of your data being captured. The user also has the right to restrict or have control over information that can be processed.

If you are a user of the European Union, our platform, completely complies with the General Data Protection Regulation law and if there are any doubts, we appreciate you to contact us directly.


Changes to our Privacy Policy

Audiencelogy may change the privacy policy at any point in time to comply with new rules and regulations. We will keep our users updated on our privacy policy terms by sending a personal email or you may check it on our official website regularly.



Above all, Audiencelogy adheres to the ethics, protection, and confidentiality of all the data it holds. In any case of privacy violation, complaints or clarifications, please reach us out at

( )

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