Functional, Ad Serving, Infrastructure

Functional Features


Manage client accounts, agencies, supply/demand partners and different types of third party platforms.


Build audiences by generating and trafficking sync pixels. Manage segments that are created using pixels or through data ingestion. Also upload custom lists using attributes like IP addresses, cities, states, device ids, domain, bundle and site ids.


Manage ad spaces and their settings for publishers, check publisher inventory forecast, check available RTB inventory from SSP partners and also get available inventory on Audiencelogy marketplace.


Manage campaigns and Ads for your clients, approve or reject ads in ads approval queue, configure DSPs to send traffic to for monetization and generate conversion pixels for integration in advertiser tracking systems.


Access billing/invoice report, video transactions report, RTB selling activity and RTB buying activity reports. Any reports deeper insights for purpose of optimization can be configured by our teams quickly.


Record payment from advertisers, research advertiser payments and manage advertiser autofunding settings.


Manage over 100 platform settings, custom fields for campaigns, users for your own teams, API keys for clients and notifications.


Choose from multiple dashboards to monitor and drive all media buying and selling activity on your platform.


Get access to documentation like API integration, SDK configuration for iOS and Android, S2S integration by partners and macros.

Adserving Features

Ad Formats

Display, Video, , Redirect Link Ads, 3rd party (Web), Native Ads, Native Text Ads, Push Ads, Video (VAST) Ads, Video (Non-Linear VAST) Ads, VAST Tag Based Ads

Traffic Allocation

Inbuilt algorithms using effective CPM or weighted CPM at widget level so best performing Ads help in maximizing revenue.

Margin Management

Numerous controls available to control margins that you wish to keep for yourself when running campaigns. These margins are applicable both at campaign and widget level.

Fraud control

Real time pre-bid fraud control by analyzing and blocking bad transactions at the edge.

Audience Pixels

Deliver third party tags and pixels for any audience tracking. Ingest audience information based on methods provided by data partners.

Publisher Contracts

Define flexible flat or revenue share based contracts with Publishers at widget level.


SaaS or On-Prem Deployment

White label our platform in a SaaS model or get a license that can be deployed in your cloud or on-prem infrastructure.


Our engineering teams strive to keep your total cost of ownership as low as possible, be it cloud hosting or support.

Geo Deployments

Our flexible architecture enables you to spin up servers in any Geo quickly and cost effectively. No major global networking or bandwidth costs.

Closest Pop

Our flexible architecture enables you to deploy ad servers and bidders closest to your partners and your Geos of operation.


We have a smart monitoring and alerting system using internal application, cloud and external monitoring. Our teams monitor platforms 24x7x265.

Easy Scaling

Ad servers and bidders are deployed using Auto scaling technology at cloud providers. Auto scaling is a great way to manage spikes and also save costs when traffic levels go down.
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