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Our engineering teams put in countless hours and passion into building digital marketing and advertising solutions that power your business.

Ad Network

The traditional ad network is still around to create an ecosystem of publishers and advertisers. Use our ad network software to onboard direct publishers, agencies and advertisers. Self-care interfaces for publishers, agencies and advertisers available.

Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Our DSP side platform enables clients to buy traffic from supply side providers using Open RTB protocol. The DSP stack offers numerous targeting capabilities and smart margin management. Self-care agency and advertiser interfaces available.

Supply Side Platform (SSP)

Our SSP platform enables you to route direct publisher traffic to partner DSPs. Ability to create channels of traffic for DSPs based on numerous targeting criteria and smart bid management. Insight into bid transfer errors and win rates available.


SSPs we have integrated with for our clients …..

Ad Media Video, Ad Mob, Ad Unity Video, Ad View, ad1media, adcolony, AdGlance, Admedia, Adventure Feeds,, AdxConnect, AFM, Airpush, APC, AppNexus, Arteebee, Atomx, Audiencelogy Marketplace SSP, Avid Video, Avocarrot, Axonix, BidFluence, Bidswitch, BizzClick, C1 Exchange, Carbon Apps, Celerum digital, Cheetah, Clickganic, CLICKY, Coins & Tokens, Convertise, criteo, Cynogage, Dashbid, Delplaya, DEM SSP, DMG, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, eClickZ, Envisionx, Epom, Gotham Ads Video, Ezmob, Fidelity Media, Flurry, Gamma, Geniee, Google Adx, GothamAds, HLAMedia, HueAds, Imonomy, Improve Digital, InMobi, Inneractive, Intango, KDS Media, Kiosked, Lemmonet Video, Madgic, MADS, mAdvertise, Mediashaker, mediaStreet-SSP, Midarex Digital, MMG, mMob, Mobclix, Mobfox, MPC, Nexage, Nuvi Ad Video, Openx, Opera, Picella, Pixfuture, Plugrush, Properller Ads, Pubmatic, Pubnative, Pubtheta-SSP, PulsePoint, RTB, RTBD, RTBDemand, Rubicon, Silvermob,S MAATO, Smart Ads, smartRTB, SoMo Audience

DSPs we have integrated with  …..

495Cross, Adbund, Adequant, Adforge, Adforge-2, Adforge Video, AdMedia, AdservME, Adsiduous, adstuna, Adventure Feed, Display, Video, APPTV, arteebee, Atomx, Audiencelogy Marketplace DSP, Beachfront Video, Bidsopt, Bidswitch, Boulder Media, Brave, C1 Exchange, Carbon Apps, Clickganic, CLICKY, , DEM, Diversify, RLLCLL, eClickZ, Fidelity Media, GothamAds, Hex Mobile, Intango, IntelFeeds, KDS Media, Medisel Media, Meta-Amster, Metanetwork, Meta-West, MMG, Mobio, mobusi, NativeAds,, Pubmatic, Pubtheta, Pure Ads Ltd, RTB, RTBDemand, Sekindo, SmartyAds, Streamlyn, TechGeeksVideo, technology geeks, TMS, Twerkmedia, Vashoot, Vertoz, WaardeX, Wazimo, Web3, WWWpromoter, Xendiz, Xenovia


Don’t see a name you are interested in working with? No worries, contact us and we will integrate your partner


Our clients ask us to integrate with various third party providers and buying platforms. We may or may not have a direct relationship with these companies.




The Audiencelogy Marketplace enables its SAAS and licensed clients supplement their buying and selling channels through ready SSP and DSP integrations.

Want to Buy / Sell Traffic?

Our technology clients (SAAS and Licensed) often ask us if they can buy or sell traffic instantly, in addition to buying and selling through their own direct relationships. Audiencelogy Marketplace is a great place to start your buy/sell activity.

The Audiencelogy marketplace is made up of its numerous clients with whom Audiencelogy has pre-agreed contracts to serve as a gateway to buy and sell traffic. Most buying activity is on prepaid basis although the invoiced model is also common for clients with good payment history. Contact us for your traffic needs today !

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